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Things Behind the Sun

...food for thought...

This used to be my go-to place to whine, complain, bitch, discuss, muse, and generally let it all out. I don't know why I don't do that any more; it used to big a big, necessary part of my life. Now...there are things that are difficult to write about, much less share in a blog format.

So welcome to the new blog. In honor of VeganMofo, I'll be re-launching my LJ as a food blog of sorts. The plan is to spend VeganMofo babbling about new vegan foods and old favorites, as well as sharing pictures of the dishes I wind up being most proud of.

While I'm not 100% vegan, I'm most of the way there, and I'm becoming more into it every day. Why? Because I don't like meat. Because I'm massively lactose intolerant and anything with even a trace of dairy sends my body into fits. And, simply, because it's the best way I've ever eaten in my life. I feel cleaner and healthier inside, and no longer experience sick feelings or heavy/sleepy feelings after eating. I've discovered so many new foods in the short time since I began exploring veganism, and I hope to continue that road through VeganMofo and beyond!

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