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Vegan MoFo, Day 24 - Starfruit!

Not much of a post today...I've had a long, busy day already and honestly can't think of anything creative to blog about! But there is this:


Starfruit! I vaguely recall eating pieces of this in fruit salads as a kid, but I had never eaten one by itself until yesterday. Since peaches are out of season now, I've been looking for alternatives and picked one of these lovely little things up while I was grocery shopping.

WOW. I mean, wow. In addition to being pretty and unusual-looking, two things that will generally sell me on a food even before tasting it, starfruit is quite the treat. It's light, which is nice after a heavy meal when you're wanting for some raw food without filling up too much more, and it has a sort of citrus feel without acidic undertones. Given what they cost at my local grocery, it's going to have to be a treat, but I'm glad I bought one!

Question for the comments: What's your favorite "unusual" or "exotic" fruit?
Tags: food, fruit, snacks, vegan, vegan mofo
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